Steel M&P9 Rocky Trigger Lever

Steel M&P9 Rocky Trigger Lever

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Cowcow Tech M&P9 Rocky Trigger Lever

Highlighted features
- CNC machined steel material 
- Golden Titanium Coating for strength hardening
- Reduces the friction and abrasion with all contact parts
- Compatible with all Tokyo Marui M&P9 Series pistols

Rocky Trigger Lever was specially designed for heavy use and capable of high tense competition needs. It is constructed by a single piece of steel with CNC machined. Its strength hardening structure ensures the lever was in perfect shape and consistently transfer the force directly to the sear, gives the user a solid and smooth trigger pull feeling. Also, titanium coating is used to reduce the friction to every contact point, keep it run smoothly with minimal abrasion.

*Using steel internals increases the strength, durability and consistency of gas-blowback systems. 

*Please note: installing parts / assemble /fitting airsoft parts may need intermediate knowledge.